About Us

Founded in 1976 by Jeff and Susie Spanier, Precision Fitting & Gauge Company has grown from a small local supplier of tubing fittings and pressure gauges to a premier multi-million dollar, regional distributor of instrumentation and controls.

PF&G is located in Tulsa, OK and has built its reputation on excellent service and quality products. From 1976 to 1986 PF&G supplied primarily commodity-style products such as tubing fittings, pressure gauges, instrument valves, orifice plates, and flowmeters. In 1987 PF&G secured its place in the fluctuating Petrochemical industry by anticipating the demand for new technology and offering electronic instrumentation products. At the same time, Jeff Spanier realized that to maintain his organization's growth he needed to be closer to his customer base, so he established a sales and warehouse operation in Oklahoma City. This growth was continued with the addition of offices in Amarillo, TX; Coffeyville, KS; Ponca City, OK; Albuquerque, NM; and Farmington, NM. Today, PF&G is a 50+ person, multi-state operation that provides the latest in instrumentation products and services.

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